Reach Questions

I’m interested in trying ou tthe reach system for light bar type of guidance in an agricultural setting. In my area, I can get access to a CORS / NTRIP broadcast correction signal.

Is it possible to use a single reach with this signal to have RTK accuracy? I realize the specific accuray will vary by distance from the station, what would be a typical accuracy range I could expect at 10-20km away?

Also, with the Edison, will the reach output in bluetooth such that my android tablet would detect it as a GPS so I can use the reach signal output as the GPS for my Android based row guidance app?

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Hi John,

A single Reach unit can work with NTRIP provider and if it has virtual base station support, there will be no issue with range, as you are always operating with a zero baseline. There are several success stories with NTRIP on this forum.

We are adding data output over Bluetooth in the next updates. Last week we made it work to replace the standard GPS on an Android phone and are now packaging all these features in the app. There is quite a bit to do: scanning, pairing, reconnecting. We will get there for sure.

Also, if you are the developer of the app you can get stream over TCP already. Your android will be in hotspot mode, sharing Internet connection to Reach so it can talk to NTRIP server. At the same Reach will send NMEA coordinates to your APP via Wi-Fi. Win-win :smile:

Thank you for the replies. I’m very new to this and not the developer of the app, just an android user.

My first goal is to connect the Reach to give RTK quality signals for light bar guidance. That’s what I hope to do this year. After that, in the future I’d like to start integrating to use the reach as the signal for a Autosteer unit. It would be great if Navio2 could be the guidance controller.

Is there a way to buy a single unit? All I see listed is the two unit kit.

@87YJ you can order one Reach unit here.