Reach PPK on Matrice100 - sniffing shutter timing

Hello All,

Has anyone had any experience integrating Reach RTK with a DJI Matrice 100 (or similar)?

All I want to do is catch the shutter signal from the camera (Zenmuse x3), log the RAW gps with the Reach and post-process once on the ground. I don’t want any integration with the flight control.

I suppose my main question is, how does one get the shutter release signal most accurately?



I don’t think it’s possible with the x3. I have researched a lot for my old Inspire1. It is controlled via canbus, so unless you can read and write that I don’t think it’s possible to find a shutter signal from the x3.

There is a company out there that modifies the x3 for their own Gps geotagging kit. But the kit is VERY expensive. Do some google searches for Verity. The Inspire1 modified full kit is almost $11k. Ouch.

Maybe they will sell a modified x3 by itself and tell you how to implement that onto your drone. They do sell a Matrice kit…


The Matrice has an SDK option, but I don’t know yet whether there are latency issues with that approach… and it may require getting the Reach to provide the data for nav functions aswell, which I’d rather avoid.

Anyone else have any thoughts on getting shutter timing from the Zenmuse x3?
Or, for that matter, a Parrot Sequoia?

I was hoping that @Simon_Allen might have some advice, based on his experimentation with the Phantom…

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If the zenmuse has an sd card and an led that indicates image storage it may be possible to detect the event and calibrate the time offset between the SD operation and the shutter. Same for the seqoia. Of course if you are triggering the sequoia externally then you have the trigger. If you are just using a timing interval and you have an sd led indicator then you can get it real close as the ‘gap’ between shots will be consistent and fixed.


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