Reach power control with a physical button

Hello Guys,

Yesterday, I successfully picked some points in a survey project via reachview. Unfortunately I ended up with a corrupted geojson file (0 bytes) and as a result loss of the “project”.

So I am a little bit concerned that this loss was due to violent power removal.

Is there a way to power on/ shutdown Reach units via a physical button?

That prevents:

1.wear to micro usb port loss
3.ease of use

I found this schematic online


Can the GPIO used for such a job?

Waiting forward your replies,

This should have been fixed in ReachView 2.8.0

Have you updated to version 2.8.0?

Not sure about wiring a power switch to the GPIO pins. I think the answer to that question would be answered better on an Intel Edison forum. On my own Reach modules, I make use of the switch on my power supply when I can. Emlid has previously stated that power disconnect is an approved method of powering off the Reach module, and that they have taken steps to counteract loss of data.

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Yes both units are updated to 2.8.0.

In order to shutdown,what i do is to connect via ssh an shutdown the module.

I think a physical button is more easy to use.

I have found these 2 solutions for raspberry pi but i am not so relevant to judge if they work with my board.

I did a little searching and I didn’t find any code written for the Edison to trigger a shutdown from GPIO, so I think you’d have to write it yourself. What I did find is code that will trigger a GPIO output when Edison is shutting down (to tell a power supply to turn itself off). That is the opposite of what you are looking for though.

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So the GPIO that are present on Reach unit can be used for general purpose? Thats a start :stuck_out_tongue:

Also a reboot/shutdown button will be nice to be present to reachview app.

I have done my research before opening this thread, so i am informed of this posts.

I haven’t find a solution that stands without the risk of damaging the device :confused:

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I guess you could always strap on a Raspberry Pi Zero and use its GPIO. :slight_smile:

Configure an autologin root terminal to spawn at boot on the Reach serial port (UART) and then send “shutdown -h now”

Or use a Pi Zero W and make the call over the wireless network using key based authentication: “ssh root@reach shutdown -h now”


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Very unfortunate to hear you’ve lost data. Something is not right. We will add shutdown/reboot buttons to the app.


Any thoughts for a physical button?

One more question. What was the app version when you were collection the points?

I don’t think a physical button for Reach is possible without increasing its size. This would’t be a right trade off. I think Reach RS would be better fit.


App version is 2.8.0 (latest at this time).

I am asking if its possible to use GPIO pins in order to add an external power button like i mentioned above in my previews posts.


Theoretically, yes. Something like a button connecting two of Reach’s pins. Software-wise you will need a daemon, that will listen to GPIO’s state, then call shutdown if it detects a pressed button.

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2 GPIO Pins?

I am not afraid of writing code, i am just afraid of damaging a 300$ device :stuck_out_tongue:

Could you please some more info to start with?

Hmm, wouldn’t it be three pins like so:

  • a pull up resistor tied to Vcc (3.3V) and + side of switch
  • a connection between a GPIO pin and the + side of switch
  • a connection to GND (0V) and the - side of switch

And then there is the concern of debouncing the switch contacts. If all the switch does is signal a shutdown command, then it should not matter. But if you want a switch to do any other function, then your switch should have both NO and NC contacts, plus it should be wired to an IC with logic gates before being connected to the GPIO pin. This advice could be from outdated knowledge though. Maybe debouncing can be taken care of in another way these days.

Additional debounce info:

@bide Thanks you very much for your time.

I found this board that does exactly what i want.

I asked for compatibility and i am waiting a response from them.

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