Reach on sUAS and Trimble (R8) GNSS Receiver as the Base


I am a Land Surveyor by profession so I have the very expensive Trimble GNSS receivers I use everyday. I am currently building a hexacopter for mapping purposes and am very interested in the Reach to get RTK positions on the UAV for accurate photo positions. Since I already have equipment for a ground station I would like to use my Trimble R8 as my RTK base (ground station) connect this to my computer to send corrections to the reach through MAVLINK through Mission Planner. Has anybody attempted this or know if it is possible? I am currently running a Pixhawk but interested in moving to a NAVIO 2 with the reach. Any work flows or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys. The EMLID community is great!!

Updated: @igor.vereninov, i just read your post solo and reach, about the reach working better when post processed and attached to the hotshoe due to the camera not triggering right away so the position could be meters off. I appreciate the post and look forward the additional advancements. Keep up the great work.

@GFlight_1 Hi! yes, that’s possible. As long as your receiver is able to output RTCM over the network\bluetooth\serial to open it in a Mission Planner.

@mikhail.avkhimenia thank you for your reply. Would I have to connect the base reciever to a program like rtklib and then bring it into mission planner or can I bring the correction stream right into mission planner? Any work flow you can refer me to?

If your receiver outputs RTCM3 then you can do it directly with Mission Planner. The instructions are here.