Reach on Iris+, Drop in Reception when RC is turned on


I’ve got a reach module and am running it above my 3DR Iris+ on a mast 25cm long. From some experimentation, we found that the reception was better away from electronics inside the Iris+. The reach Tallysman receiver is mounted on a 70mm square, alu, 5051,thin grounding plate. I tried bigger plates 120mm, 150mm, 200mm with not a noticeable difference.

When I turn the transmitter on for the Iris+, the signal for the Reach drops dramatically around 5 points, from green into yellow.

Does anybody know why this is? Is there something in the Iris I can disable?

I see Emlid has done a flight with precision landing using the reach, did you guys also use an RC transmitter or was it just using an automated mission (to get past this issue)?

I think the Iris operates the RC on the 2.4GHz band, and something, and I guess the RC receiver sends back some data as well? It isn’t simply just the transmitter, because the base station retains it’s satellite strength (placed a few meters from the Iris).

The telemetry module on the iris 900MHz, doesn’t seem to affect the reach.

Any ideas on how to solve this?

Hi there,

I am new to this community, but I wanted to see if you have figured out that precision drop? I have an IRIS+ that I am hoping to beef up with the Reach.


Hi there,

Never figured this out, could be something specific to the Iris, but it functions fine on a self built copter.

Where do you put your antenna ?
D4RII is upside

How do you power your reach ?

Thanks for the DR4-II tip.

The GPS antenna sits on a short stand that i mounted onto the main plate, but its the receiver that came with the IRIS+. This hasn’t helped as much as I’d hoped though.