Reach not upgraded from u-blox 2.01->3.01 firmware with recent ReachView releases


I’ve noticed that at least one of my Reach devices running recent ReachView (2.18.0) has never been updated to u-blox M8 3.01 firmware. I was investigating why it was failing to receive from any Galileo satellites, when a local CORS station was showing them high overhead, and Galileo was enabled in the ReachView settings. I unfortunately don’t have an exact history of how and when various updates were applied. It’s MAC address is 90:b6:86:0f:67:1b.

On one device I manually upgraded the firmware successfully. See log below.

It has been through several FOTA upgrades through recent dev and stable builds so I make the naive suggestion to Emlid that something in the ublox upgrade check/process isn’t working correctly. I may have another also with the 2.01 firmware if a fix needs verification.

root@reach[~]# ubxfwupdate -p /dev/ttyMFD1 -v 1 -F /etc/reachview/flash.xml /etc/reachview/M8_3.01.bin
----------CMD line arguments-----------
Image file:        /etc/reachview/M8_3.01.bin
Flash:             <compiled-in>
Fis:               /etc/reachview/flash.xml
Port:              /dev/ttyMFD1
Baudrates:         9600/9600/230400
Safeboot:          1
Reset:             1
AutoBaud:          0
Verbose:           1
Erase all:         1
Erase only:        0
Training sequence: 1
Chip erase:        0
  0.0 u-blox firmware update utility version 2.01
  0.0 Updating Firmware '/etc/reachview/M8_3.01.bin' of receiver at port '/dev/ttyMFD1'
  0.0   - Opening and buffering image file
  0.0   - Verifying image
  0.0 Image (size 533016) for u-blox8 MultiROM accepted
  0.0 Image Ver '3.01 (111141)'
  0.0   - CRC= 0x4A5F0766 0x56332789
  0.0   - Trying to open port /dev/ttyMFD1
  0.0   - Setting baudrate to 9600
  0.2   - Sending training sequence
  0.4   - Received Version information
  0.4   - Receiver currently running SW '2.01 (75331)'
  0.4   - Receiver HW '00080000', Generation 8.0
  0.4   - Sending ROM CRC-Read
  0.4 ROM CRC: 0xA15AF099
  0.4 u-blox8 ROM2.01 hardware detected (0xA15AF099)
  0.4 ROM version check success (MultiROM binary -> ROM2.01 receiver)
  0.4 Compatible HW found (u-blox 8)
  0.4  Getting Port connection to receiver
  0.5   - Connected port is: UART1
  0.5  Commanding Safeboot
  1.0   - Setting baudrate to 9600
  1.2   - Sending training sequence
  1.5  Detecting Flash manufacturer and device IDs
  1.5   - Flash ManId: 0x00EF DevId: 0x4015
  2.0   - FIS information merged
  2.0   - Flash size:   2097152
  2.0   -  Flash block:  512 x 4096
  2.2   - Setting baudrate to 230400
  2.5  Receiver info collected, downloading to flash...
 40.2  Commanding Safeboot
 40.7   - Setting baudrate to 9600
 40.9   - Sending training sequence
 41.2  Verifying Image on hardware
 42.3  CRC check SUCCESS
 42.3  CRC OK, writing magic word
 42.4  Writing marker for the file system to speed up first initialization
 42.4  Rebooting receiver
Firmware Update SUCCESS

Hi @robj,

Which Reach device do you use?
When you update the device firmware, are there any updates in the Receiver update section?

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