Reach NMEA output accuracy fixed at 3.0 meter

Hi guys,

We were able to setup and test the Reach in Bluetooth mode to send NMEA data directly to our Android devices… pretty cool.

Although the geolocation (lat/long) was still quite jumpy, the accuracy that is outputted seems to be a static 3.0 meter always, whatever, whenever. This doesn’t seem right. What is the reason for this? And is it possible to get the actual/real accuracy over Bluetooth/NMEA?



but you connect your reach with a android device or windows device ?
because I send the request to my laptop but as you can see on my previous picture the reach device isn’t recognise as a gps bluetooth so I’m not able to receive the signal obviously there is something wrong im my workflow but where is the issue ?



Hi, if you use just one reach module, it won’t be better than 3 meter accuracy because it is not on rtk mode. You have to use a base and a rover and send the solution with on reach modul connected in bluetooth.