REACH-Module using time mark pin with standard hot-shoe

Dear List

I am still using a setup with the old REACH-module and would like to get the time mark pin to register camera-events in the log-data of the module (not to trigger the camera and not using a flight-controller).

But I am unable to find the link / description, how the cabling between the old REACH and a standard hot-shoe adapter was realized.

The camera has to be wired to the old REACH-module directly without a flight-controller.

Does anyone has a link or description about the cabeling?

Looking for any hints and thanks in advance.

Hi @Yvo_Weidmann,

Please, check out the pinout of the Reach Module connectors, available in our docs. There is a Time Mark pin which could be used to register the moments when the shutter was activated.

The hot-shoe adapter we provide is tailored for M+/M2 devices and won’t work with Reach Module. It’s more likely you’ll need to make a custom cable for this kind of integration. You should connect:

  • Reach Time mark pin to camera hot shoe connector
  • Reach GND pin to camera GND

Dear @artem.fomenko

Great. I think I got it. Could you please be so kind to verify my cabeling before I start soldering:

Connection camera hotshoe -> REACH:

I verified the ground-cable with the pinout of the hotshoe according to information available and a multimeter.

Additionally, I checked the triggered signal of the camera using an oscilloscope. Looks ok to me:

Cheers and thank you very much in advance,

Hi @Yvo_Weidmann,

Yes, the pins are connected correctly. You can start soldering.

The oscilloscope signal is also the one I expect.

Hi @artem.fomenko

Perfect. I will solder it and keep you updated.


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Hi @artem.fomenko

It works. Thank you very much for your support.



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