Reach Module red LED blinks


I have a very similar problem. Reach Module. Just did a firmware upgrade from the web interface, rebooted and now have a flashing red LED with now and then a blue flash. I can ssh into the module but no web interface and the ubuntu flash-tool does not find the module, nor the android app.

The good news is that I can ssh into it, so presumably can fix things. How?


Hi Fred,

Let’s check if you can access the Updater page. Please, connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot of your Reach Module and input into the browser prompt.

If the page is opening up, please, send me the screenshots of this page with the Tests tab opened. It will help us to check why the red LED is blinking

Hi, thanks for the quick answer.

After many random connections and reconnections into the USB port, the flash tool finally detected it and I was able to reflash it. All seem to be working fine now.

Sorry for the trouble.

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