Reach Module ReachView Update

Hi there, my emlid module is stuck on the ReachView update step and I don’t have an option to skip it:

Current ReachView version: 26.0
Available version: 26.0

Everytime I press the “Update ReachView” button it downloads the latest update, installs it, then asks me to reboot and go to the app. Once I reboot, it asks me again to download the latest update… and repeat

Have you tried turning off your device and then starting it again?

Hi @pivas93448,

Could you try opening it using the ReachView 3 app? You can download it either in Google Play or AppStore.

Ive noticed this on the last three devices I updated.

I updated from a pc so i can see the port in the address banner, the update port is :5000

When it gets stuck delete “:5000” off the end of the url, then hit enter.

Then the RS2/M2 loads like normal.


Thank you, this works! Also need to make sure not to have https in the url, just http.

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