Reach Module, No stable Fix after firmware upgrade


I have just updated the Reach Module firmware from v2.18 to v2.22, after the update I can not get a stable fix solution. With the previous firmware it was not a problem, is it possible to downgrade?

I’m using Bluetooth output and Android mock location with NTRIP service from Swepos.

Regards Johan

Hi Johan,

What’s the current version you use? Is it v2.22.4?

I have tried both v.2.22.4 and v.2.23.6.

Hi Johan,

It seems we’re in touch over the email.

Please keep me posted regarding the tests we discussed.

I did mail you the test results/logs several days ago but did not get any feedback. I have downgraded firmware o v.2.18.1 and now I get a stable fix at the same locations as I tested with v.2.22.4.

Regards Johan

Hi Johan,

I’ll conclude on our email conversation here as well.

At the moment, it’s quite difficult to say certainly whether there is a bug in the software or the issue is caused by environmental conditions. We’ll conduct our own tests and get back with any updates.

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