Reach module Mounting

Sorry if this is a daft question but should the reach module be mounted in a particular direction? I note that it has XYZ on it so do I put the gps on the top with the Edison stuck down flat.

I’m going to be attaching it to a pixhawk and assume that I do not need another gps?

Does reach have its own compass and can I anodized the ground plane plate?

Many thanks


Its my understanding that the reach is sort of independent of any of this. What matters is the antenna and it requires a groundplane. The Reach docs go into this in detail.

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You can mount Reach in any orientation. You will need a separate compass, so using Reach as the second GPS is a good idea. Ground plane can be anodized.


Thanks Igor. I’ve found an external compass I can use so will try it with that first and then a primary gps with reach as the second gps unit. In an ideal world reach would be the sole GPS / Compass solution :slight_smile:

@Multirotorcraft mind sharing what you found? In the past I’ve used a cheap amazon GPS + Compass that works so so. So far haven’t been able to find much else ready to go solution.

Yes sure, mind you it may not be any better.

However reading Igor reply again it looks like we do need a primary GPS (including mag) with the reach unit being the secondary GPS.