Reach module - EXIF log/triggering

I got my hands on a Reach module that I want to strap onto a drone! Combined with my Reach RS, I will do PPK and apply those coordinates to the images and eliminate the need for GCPs.

I am using a custom build multispectral camera. I do not have the technical expertise to explain it’s components, so I hope this general question can get me on the right track.

All I want to do is get the Reach to record an event each time the camera triggers. I would like to know if the Reach needs to trigger the camera, or is it possible for the reach to write to the log when the camera is triggered by another method. The camera currently functions well as is, and is triggered through a different software, and writes the coordinates for each image to a file. But those are not corrected coordinates.

If I get the PPK corrected coordinates at the point of triggering, I can save those as a CSV and load them into PhotoScan as the coordinates for my images and I am off to the races.

Reach can trigger but doesnt have to for the precise time mark to work.

The challange is to get the time mark on the right millisecond. Have you thought of a way to write these time marks to Reach?

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You will need to figure out a way for Reach to register the point of triggering. Normally people use the hotshoe adapter connection, maybe you can find something similar in your custom camera?

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