Reach module configured as base never gets satellites

Hi, apologies if this is covered somewhere else but can’t seem to find any info.

Setting up the Reach system as per the quickstart instructions, but for some reason whichever module is configured as base never shows any sats in the status tab. Both seem to work fine in rover mode, getting plenty of sats and good lock.

Have I missed something obvious?

thanks very much…

Hi Charlie,

Satellite levels are currently not being shown on the base, we are working on this. When you connect your rover to the base, sat levels for both receivers will be shown on the rover.

Thanks very much - does the base station config tab provide base station coordinates from the single solution despite showing no sats?

The documentation states, I think, that in the absence of user provided base station coords the lat/long/alt values will be provided by the base station single gps fix - should this be happening with my units?

Thanks again


You will need to provide the base coordinates, for now they are not obtained in single. This is as well on our todo list.

Thanks very much,


One quick question, for Automatic Base coordinates, how accurate will these automatic base coordinates be? Will they be at RTK accuracy, or will there be a deviation? If so, how large?


They will be with standard single GPS precision (meters). If you want precise base coordinates you need to measure the point and enter them manually.

So how can you tell on the status page which satellites are being detected by each component (Base/Rover)? Also what are the letter assigned to the bars, e.g. G, I etc?

You`ll find answers to both your question here :slight_smile: