Reach manufacturing update 3

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Hello everyone,


Currently we have all the necessary components and Reach modules are in the queue to get on the production line. Unfortunately, our contractor factory is going on holidays because of the National Day Golden Week in China, so we have to wait until 8th October for the production to begin.


Meanwhile, we have been working on making Reach more user-friendly. All the devices are getting factory flashed with a custom Yocto Linux image. It includes a lot of useful software and utilities not included into Intel Edison’s default firmware, has a dedicated user with set up permissions, pre-installed RTKLIB and ReachView. It also features a start-up network discovery service, that looks for familiar WiFi networks on boot and, if none are found, starts a WiFi Access point automatically.


ReachView is getting better as well. It’s getting a self-update button. Also, we are working on making RTKLIB configuration easier. For example, this is how you can specify correction input paths on a mobile phone:


ReachView has also been improved to take advantage of the onboard LED and signal current status information - network settings, RTKLIB mode and solution status.



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Emlid team


Will the mobile software (ReachView?) be also for Android or iOS only?


It is web based, so the only requirement is a device with a fairly modern browser.