Reach malfunctioning?

After a couple of months not using it, I’ve tried to connect to my Reach unit and it does not work.
After blinking blue I can see the reach:36:ab network in my phone, launch the Android app ReachView, my reach unit is listed as reach but when I select it I get:
Sorry, ReachView is not responding RELOAD. The unit light blinks between white and magenta (perhaps red?) every 3’’.

Firmware image and ReachView version.
Cannot check firmware. Whatever was the last one in February.
RecahView version 1.3 updated May 14, 2018

Any help appreciated


Magenta blinks are shown during time sync.

From the docs:

The app will not launch until the time sync is complete. Internet connection allows this to happen automatically, but in hotspot mode Reach requires a connected antenna with some satellite visibility.

Try putting Reach antenna out of the window for 30 seconds, this should help.

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