Reach M2 , timemark physical button to ground

I need to create time marks manually without using phone app to geotag photos.
Can i just wire a trigger button to timemark and ground and push everytime i took a photo? will it be safe to ground timemark pin ? Just to be sure can someone tell me a safe method.

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I think is possible. If you have some knowledge in electronics, you can do it or search something like this:

I’m sure you can make, find or adapt something like this.

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As William mentioned, we have a special hot shoe adapter to activate an event pin on M2.

Can you tell me more about your workflow? Maybe I can offer you an alternative solution for your specific case.

I am taking 360 photos from exact locations marked with emlid m2 (RTK ), after I need to update the EXIF of these files.

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In that case, a camera with a hot shoe looks like the most optimal solution. Afterward, you can process the data using Emlid Studio to get coordinates.

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I have question, is it safe to hardwire a button to timestamp and ground ,everytime i took a photo , i will click on the button? Can somebody tell me how it works , does need an external pulse, or tit works just shorting ground and timestamp?

You can use the time-mark pin without the hotshoe specifically; some cameras allow the direct connection. The time-mark pin is an open drain. To record a time mark, it needs to be pulled to the ground—logical 0. The maximum voltage on the pin should be 3.3 V.

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