Reach M2 test


For an hour the M2 was at the same point receiving NTRIP corrections in RTK mode from a 47km base and these are the results, what am I doing wrong or what is the problem?

The fixed solution fluctuates several centimeters over time.

For what reason does the baseline indicator stay red?

In the specifications it indicates that RTK is up to 60 km.

I attach some screenshots of configuration and solution files. (1.2 MB) (218.7 KB)


That’s an indication glitch, we’ll take care of it, thanks!

For the baseline in 47 km, such precision seems to be fairly normal. However, you’ll more likely get better results with the latest v2.23.4 dev update as we improved the NTRIP performance in it.

This performance improvement will take its place in the next stable release. However, if you’d like to test it, you can try a dev version too. Please note that the dev releases are mostly used for testing purposes and are not intended for real field usage.

@tatiana.andreeva, Thanks!

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