Reach M2 stuck on orange light

Hello all,

I have been using multiple ReachM2 as rovers for Arducopter drones for 2 years. After battling to find a good power supply in my drones, my M2 equipped drones have been flying flawlessly for a year now. However, one of them apparently decided that its time was over…

It was working fine on one of my drone when it suddenly stopped working mid-flight. I was navigating using RTK positionning (RS2 as base, M2 as rover on the drone), when the drone lost the RTK GPS signal and fell back to the primary non-RTK GNSS. The drone lost the GPS2 (M2) completely ( to be clear, I am used to losing RTK signal when flying close to buildings or trees and losing satellites, this causes Arducopter to indicate a 3D Fix or no Fix instead of RTK Fixed, but in this particular case, the GPS2 disappeared).

After landing and checking the M2 module, it won’t turn on, even when using an external powerbank to power it… It’s stuck on the orange light.

How could i check if this is a hardware or software failure ?
Could I make it work again or should I RMA this unit ?

Thank you for reading

Update :
I tried to flash the module using the Reach Firmware Flash Tool 1.9.0.
The flashing fails, here is the log : (5.7 KB)

Hi Baptiste,

I’ve replied to you in the direct email you sent to us. Let’s continue the troubleshooting over email as it may require the exchange of sensitive data.