Reach m2 steady light

I THINK I HAVE RECIEVED DEFECTIVE UNIT M2 or i might not able to install properly… can someone help me?

light are steady, what does it mean?

Hi Joseph,

Everything’s okay! This LEDs behavior is standard.

Such indication means that the unit is transmitting its hotspot and the unit is accessible via the ReachView app. You can read more about the LED indication of our units in our LED status guide.

To work with the unit now, please, do the following:

  • Open a list of Wi-Fi networks on your smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • Connect to a network named reach:xx:xx
  • Type network password: emlidreach

After you connect to the Reach’s hotspot, you’ll be able to see the unit in the ReachView app. To connect the unit to the Wi-Fi, please, check out this Connecting to Wi-Fi guide.

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