Reach m2 serial port s1

can we connect external radio on S1 such harxon uhf radio with power separated since external radios are more than 5v. only RX and TX will be use?.

i want to extend the range of my M2

Hi Joseph,

You can use the TX, RX and GND wires only indeed. It’s possible to power the radios separately. However, you will need to create a custom cable for it.

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great, thanks…

I did something similar with my RFD900. When researching, I found several threads that made mention to ensure your radio and M2 have a common ground. Works fine with it.

do you have picture of your m2 with external radio?

how long can it reach?

I haven’t tested a “true” distance check, in my application 1/2 mile distance is plenty.

amzing sir, great job

hi @polina.buriak, i wonder if i could use this 2w radio to extend range…
what are your thoughts about this

creat a custom connection with s1 serial. since it an 5v dc

Hi Joseph,

Please note that you will need to use the external radio modem with both base and rover. It’s not possible to integrate the LoRa radio on Reach receivers with the LoRa radios from third-party developers as the LoRa protocol works a bit more complicated than that.

Regarding the hardware connection, we haven’t tested this specific radio. As long as it fits with the electrical specs of the unit, it should be fine.

Please note that Reach M2 ports are TTL UART level. So to work with RS-232, you will need a RS-232-UART converter.

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