Reach M2 & RS2 in RTK mode

Can we connect Reach RS2 and M2 module which is in our drone in RTK mode (RS2 as BASE & M2 as ROVER)

If possible we would like to know the procedure to setup both instruments in the Reachview 3 app

RTK mode is possible between two RS2 units, but no information is provided about RTK between M2 and RS2!

Kindly please Help!!!


For conventional RTK you must connect a radio module to the M2 to receive corrections from RS2.

Another alternative would be via Ntrip, but you will have to have an internet connection on both devices.


Hi Nabajyoti.

Yes, you can use this guide. It describes Reach M2 as a base, but for Reach RS2, the process is the same.

As Mauricio noted, you’ll need to connect LoRa module to Reach M2 or provide both Reach RS2 and M2 with Internet to work via Emlid NTRIP Caster.

Also, I want to note that drone mapping with Reach modules is only possible in PPK. RTK can be used for precise navigation only.

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Hi Svetlana

Can you send me the connection diagram to connect the reach M2 to the radio module and pixhawk?

It will be very helpful for me to set the RTK mode as I couldn’t find any.

To connect LoRa module to Reach M2, you need to use S2 port and the cable coming with the LoRa.

Regarding the PixHawk, the required port depends on the autopilot model you use and it’s better to check it in the PixHawk docs. Search for something like “Connecting the 2nd GPS”. But for connection you can use one of the cables from our store:

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