Reach M2 Rinex Conversion

I am using EZsurv for GNSS post processing. I generated two rinex files

  1. Rinex1:Directely downlonaded from Reach M2
  2. Rinex2: Converted ubx to rinex using EZsurv.

When I process with these two rinex files the fix% results are significantly different. Following are the results.
a) EZsurv converted rinex: Fix=88%
b) Emlid Reach M2 rinexL Fix = 31%

Data is avalilable in below link

What is the difference between both rinex files and how are they effecting results?

Hi @saisumanth.m,

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I’ll take a look at the files you shared and get back with the news.

Hi @polina.buriak,

Have to looked at the data? What is the reason for the difference in rinex conversion.


Hi Sai,

Sorry it took a long time to get back to you!

I’ve post-processed your files in RTKLib. I don’t see the difference between the results obtained by processing EZSurv converted RINEX and the RINEX converted on Reach.

Below is the result of post-processing RINEX from EZSurv. I’ve obtained 93.2% of Fix with the default settings.

Below is the result of post-processing RINEX from Reach M2. There’s 93.0% of Fix with the same settings.

The only difference between the two RINEX files that I can see is that EZSurv-converted one doesn’t have the SNR values in it. Below you can see the EZSurv RINEX.

This is the RINEX from Reach M2.

This should not affect the quality of the post-processing results. Would it be possible to specify if you used RTKLib for post-processing?

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