REACH M2 Restarts during logging

I have been using reach m2 for a while and during one of my previous flight and ppk log, I found something weird.
On that particular flight there was missing time stamps and logs , l it was like I switched off the log and started it again, got two logs, with the missing area.
After processing it in rtkpost, combining all files as well as processing individual files I came to the conclusion that the Reach was somehow restarted the log or the entire system rebooted during the flight, is there any way to know/identify what happened exactly

Hi Meridian,

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I’d like to ask you to send me the Full System Report on your device via PM or to Also, please specify the date when this issue has occurred.

This information will help me to check whether the device did restart during the surveying mission and possible reasons for it.

Hi Meridian,

Have you had a chance to generate the Full System Report on your receiver? It’d be great to see the raw data logs as well.

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