Reach M2 problem

Hallo community… I have problem with two of four of my emlid reach M2 receivers. Two of them can not see any satelite anymore. They were working fine till today. They can pass time sinchronization since they have internet connection over my phone’s hotspot… but there are no satellites. I have checked the antenas and antena cables with other two reach M2 receivers, and they work. I saw on the community that some other people also had the same problem. It looks like a hardware problem to me. Can someone help me please? Thank you in advance.


Miša Tomić.

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Hi Miša,

Did something happen before this? Or did they stop tracking sats without any apparent reason?

Please email us at with the serial numbers of your devices. I’ll catch your email and help you with further steps.

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Hi Svetlana,

Thank you for your replay. My Reach M2 receivers stoped tracking satellites without any apparent reason. Now I am going to send you an email to support with the serial numbers of these two receivers.

Thanku you.

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Got and answered your email, thanks!

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