Reach M2 post-flash issue

I have an M2 module that is stuck on the update screen with a ‘fail’ for test 2. It had firmware 2.22.3 on it and I attempted to update it OTA with no luck, it would hang at 95% and then power off. I removed it from the platform and flashed 2.22.7 via the Flash Tool on windows 10. Flash was successful and it rebooted. The issue I have now is that in ReachView (iOS) or on a browser (Chrome and Safari) it remains on the update screen. Like if you went into the browser and appended :5000 to the IP. Test tab has a red X with Test 2 showing fail. All other tabs are green checks and the only option I have is to reboot and go to the app which returns to the update page. I’ve reflashed it four times, the last time it was 20 cm away from the router. I’ve attempted to bypass the update page by appending, “/#control-panel,” and “/#status” to the IP address in Chrome but that didn’t work either. I’ve seen a similar issue here:

And was just curious how that issue was resolved.

Thanks again for any help or insight. Svetlana already has a ticket for me but wanted to post in the forum in case anyone else may have a similar issue.

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I want to post an update here that we’re still investigating the issue. Just in case someone’s wondering how it is going.

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