Reach M2 not responding after update (only red-light)

Hello dear community,
(I translate with Google Translator - if the sentences are strange - sorry for that)

I have a problem with my M2 unit.
After the last update (unfortunately I don’t know which it was - it was the day before yesterday) my M2 unit no longer starts. Only the red light is on, the unit is not responding to anything and I cannot access the unit with my PC. (or I don’t know how to do that, it didn’t work via the IP address in Explorer)
I’ve read before that it could be a power problem - I’ve tried all kinds of cables, tried all kinds of power banks, laptops and cell phone chargers - always the same.

What can I do, how can I reset the unit? (I’ve already tried pressing the sunken button under the red light - no effects - if that’s even what that button is for?)

I really need your help - I need the unit and I’m reluctant to buy a new one just because an update has been installed…
Thanks in advance!

Try and reflash it with the Firmware utility

how can I do that? I really have no plan for that :wink:

Hi Ludwig,

I agree with Christian – it’s worth trying to reflash the device. Please follow the guide to accomplish it: Firmware reflashing | RTK Modules

If it doesn’t help, reach out to us at with the unit’s Serial Number (here’s how you can find it) and the order date and number.