Reach M2 not capturing events through hot shoe on Ricoh GRII while using interval shooting

Hello Emlid Community!

I’m just diving into getting our Emlid system (RS2+ Base/M2 rover) set up for photogrammetry work and am running into an issue not covered in thorough searches of the forums. We’re using a Ricoh GRII and plan to use interval shooting as accessed through the Ricoh internal menus. My issue is that it seems that no events (photo timestamps) are recorded in the log files when shooting in interval mode. In contrast, I can successfully capture events when triggering the shutter by hand. Any thoughts on how to make the system play friendly for photogrammetry and PPK processing?


  • Reach RS2 - firmware up to date as of 5/15/2023
  • Reach M2 - firmware up to date as of 5/15/2023
  • Emlid hotshoe adaptor
  • Ricoh GRII camera

This all will (hopefully) be mounted on a variety of airframes for efficient photogrammetry work but we need to jump this little hurdle to get everything operational. Thank you and I look forward to your replies!

Hi @ccme_uas,

Welcome to our community!

Could you please tell me how you check that time marks are recorded? Do you check it in the Camera control tab of Emlid Flow?

Also, please send us two logs from Reach M2: the one when you trigger by hand, and the second one when you trigger in interval mode. I’d like to check the number of time marks in them. You can write us to or via PM to avoid posting them publicly.

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