Reach m2/m+ - records name

I want to install few units of Emlid reach m+/m2 on my drones and would like to have different name when downloading the data, for example:
is it possible?

Yep, if you change the name of unit in the settings in will reflect in the files, in RV3, and in the hotspot name.

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@wizprod thanks for the quick reply :slightly_smiling_face:
I changed the device name in the control panel/general settings and it didn’t change the loggings files I download (still

It will only affect new files made after the change of name. Old files will remain with the original name.

@wizprod yes I understand. I changed the device name, disconnected it from power, reconnected it and started a new record… but when downloading it the file was still starting with the same name (raw_date

Hi @kubar,

Can you please share the screen showing the name of your device and the Logging tab with the recorded logs?