Reach M2 Green LED Blinking : No satellites

Dear community,

We use Reach M2 units with stock helical antennas in all our projects. Yesterday there is an issue which was not resolved even after firmware re-flashing. Details are below:

The reach M2 green LED is not becoming solid indicating failure of Time sync.

I have three M2, two antennas and two cables. So i could figure out that antennas and cables are working fine when i plug them on a different M2. But with the one M2 which is troubling the green light never stops blinking in the open sky environment.

After trying multiple methods, I re-flashed entire firmware and was able to connect to Reach M2 panel. I do not see satellite data even when though the antenna is connected and it is placed in complete open sky for more than 10 minutes.

Please help me understand if it is firmware or hardware issue and how it can be resolved as my business is currently on hold.

Hi Sai, I use my M2’s as static receivers. You might want to swap antenna cables to see if this is the problem. I come from the era of suitcase size receivers and giant antennas with big cables. Even then, we had problems with people not taking care of the equipment ($45000 receiver at the time) including various parts such as antenna and cables. The cables weren’t cheap at the time, about $1200 for a 5 meter cable.

I’d try the antenna cable first, they’re pretty cheap to replace.


Hi Sai,

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As you’ve already tried another cable and antenna, this case looks more complex. I suggest switch our conversation to email since further troubleshooting may require sensitive info from you. I’ve sent you an email. See you there!

Hey Bryan,

It’s a good point! But Sai mentioned that both cable and antenna work with another receiver. Therefore, I think that we need to concentrate on the receiver itself. We’ll figure out what it’s all about.

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