Reach M2 Firmware Update

I did the reflashing but it is stuck in rebooting the device.

I tried a 2nd time but the same problem. M2 doesn’t complete the rebooting process.

Problem solved.
For some reason it was not getting enough power from the usb 3 port.


Sorry, I have one more question regarding the firmware update.
The flashing procedure was finished but the M2 didn’t reboot so the app reported an error.
After that I connected the M2 to a power bank and it booted properly with the latest 26.3 stable firmware. Is all good now or should I reflash the M2 and pass the rebooting procedure within the flashing app?

Hi @vgo195,

It should be fine since the app shows that your M2 works on 26.3 Reach Firmware. There’s no need to repeat the reflashing procedure once again.

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