Reach M2 file for Pix4D

I am using Reach M2 module with Sony alpha 6000 camera,
1-After processing data using base and rover file , I get events.pos file for Images . When I want upload this file to Pix4d I get latitude ,longitude, altitude but what should I use at the place of omega kappa and psi.
please help me

Does this help?

Hi Chandrahas,

After you get the *_event.pos file, please geotag the photos in 3rd-party software such as GeoSetter first. You can follow this guide to accomplish it.

After that, you can upload the geotagged set of images to Pix4D. Our guide on creating a map in Pix4D will walk you through all the steps of constructing an orthophoto.

If you face any difficulties, please let me know at which step it happened.

Pix4D should be able to process the dataset without any omega phi kappa values as it computes them during the initial processing step.

What I’ve seen myself is that stripping these values from images doesn’t degrade the resulting point cloud noticeably if everything else is good.

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Hi guys,

Coming back to update the previous workflow recommendation :hugs: You can now use our Emlid Studio PPK software to geotag photos. The workflow description is in our docs.

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