Reach M2 + External IMU

I’m building a mapping system for a light manned aircraft. I use M2 in my drones but I’m concern that precision flying at +1km altitude will be compromised using only PPK geotagging.
I have a Vectornav 200 INS that have a lot better IMU precision than the M2 onboard IMU, so I will like to add this information to my photos exif.
I believe that I will have to log INS data in parallel but I don’t know if both system can syncronize by PPS. Any tip here is welcome.

Daniel B

Hi @Dann_Bergs,

Sorry for having kept you waiting!

When your Reach M2’s antenna is placed according to the requirements, it should be enough for getting the centimeter-accurate image center positions. You can learn more about the workflow in our Сonfiguring Reach UAV kit for PPK mapping guide.

You can use external IMU with Reach M2 for more precise measurements. However, we haven’t tested this setup ourselves, so I can barely guide you through the configuration process.

It’s possible to get PPS signal from the C1 or C2 ports. You can check the pinout in the following guide.

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