Reach M2 dual position output?

Can the Reach M2 provide simultaneous NEMA positional outputs? Such as, a serial or canbus connection to a pixhawk AND serial connection to a data collector?

You could build a cable to connect two ttl to 232 serial converters. It would be the same data at the same time.

Or a Y cable off one ttl to 232 serial adapter.

The 232 is broadcasting it does not care where it goes.

Your only looking for data out so you really only need tx. I think there would be a limit to how many parallel connections you could do like this before the ttl or 232 ran out of amps. But two would definitely work.

Canbus is an entirely different story, you need a hardware protocol converter, usually for NMEA 0183 to NMEA 2000. Canbus is a vastly different beast in all respects.

Hi John,

You can use 2 position output channels at the same time. For example, you can output positions to the autopilot via UART and to the data collector via USB.

In case you need to set 2 USB or 2 UART connections simultaneously, you may try @PotatoFarmer’s suggestion and make a custom cable.

Perfect, thank you!

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