Reach m2 data recovery

I had a crash during flight the other day with the m2 logging ppk. At the point of impact the batteries were ripped and lost connection and thus the m2 lost power. Is it possible to recover the partial log file from the m2? I have not re powered the system yet incase it is necessary to do any particular steps to preserve the partial data?
I have seen a few posts about SSH? But i do not understand what this is :slight_smile:


If you had logging on it should have kept what was logged to the point that it died. When you turn it back on it should just start another log so you can download the previous. Of course with that kind of crash there’s no telling what could have happened, but that has been my experience in the past.

Hi Michael,


Plugged the unit back in and the file was there ready to download. :slight_smile:

In the past I had troubles with loosing the log file if the emlid was powered down before stopping logging so I had assumed this would be the case again. But things must have changed and the file was in place as it should be!


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Very nice! I think it could go either way depending on the exact sequence of events. It sounds like you had a pretty clean disconnection of power so it probably thought it just turned of since it really doesn’t have it’s own on/off button. The base/rover receivers on the other hand…

It was an immediate disconnect :smiley:

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Hi @hairyape1,

Thanks for sharing the update on this! Great to know you can download your file :slight_smile:

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