Reach M2 Connect to Wifi


We have a Reach M2 that we have embedded into a system that has a built in wifi router/access point. When power is applied to the system, both the M2 and the wifi router power up at the same time and in all observed cases, the Reach M2 does not connect to the access point unless someone connects directly to the M2, goes through the wifi settings and manually gets it to connect to the other wifi that is accessible.

Is there some setting that we can set to try and connect to the other wifi even after startup (or after the hotspot is started, actively look for other wifi to connect to), or create a background cron job that runs X minutes after startup that would force it to stop being in hotspot mode, and connect to the other wifi?

Hi @ashley.walker,

As I understand, you need the delay before Reach starts to search for available networks. It indeed may be useful for your setup. So, I’ll note your request and discuss it with the team.

In the meantime, I can only suggest power Reach separately when the necessary Wi-Fi network is already available.

Hello @julia.shestakova,

Yes a delay in startup of the wifi would probably make this work. We cannot add a separate power supply as it is being powered by the USB onboard the WiFi access point and it provides 5V as soon as it starts to power up.

Hi @ashley.walker,

Sorry to hear that. I see that such a feature will be indeed useful for you.

As far as I know, there are some users with the same feature request. So I’ll discuss it with the team.


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