Reach M2 compatibility with PixHawk OrangePixhawk Cube Orange

I am trying to buy a Drone system with opensource autopilot, and i would like to use the Reach M2 as gnss module so that i can be able to have the possibilities of RTK/PPK.

My question are:
1- Is M2(Standard UAV kit) compatible with Pixhawk Cube Orange for PPK and RTK?
2-Can M2 be configured for RTK with NTRIP or it just works with telemetry directly?
(like in this article
3-Does it work in RTK mode with other base station also?

The company i am talking asked me to contact Emlid first and get a feedback if Reach M2 works with Pixhawk Cube Orange that they implement by default on the drones they use, cause they never tested with emlid, just with here 3 gnss module.

Hi @shefqetlulja,

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Sure, just follow our guide about Ardupilot integration to set it up correctly.

Reach M2 can be configured for receiving corrections from the NTRIP service if used on its own. The unit should be connected to the Internet to do that.
If you plan to work with UAV in RTK, I recommend setting up NTRIP corrections through telemetry.

Reach M2 can work with 3rd party base stations if they send RTCM3 correction messages.

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