Reach M2 camera events duplicated

Hello everyone.

We have recently integrated the Reach M2 receiver in a quadcopter which presents a problem when correlating events with images, always generating more events than images.

Flight 1 🡪 Discordance of 5 photos.
From EMLID Studio, in section 2 “Geotagging” 232 photos are requested and in the camera there are 227.

This event file stores the timestamps where the photo trigger has been activated. By putting the points generated in this event file, in the image below we see how there are two simultaneous events recorded on 5 different occasions (the events are duplicated, but only one photo is taken), hence the discordance of 5 photos.

These duplicate events are recorded with a delay of 0.01 seconds in all cases.

attached is a link to google drive where you can find the rinex file of the flight.

Any idea what is going on?


Hi @Zaal,

Sorry it’s so quiet here!

I’ve checked the log you shared. It indeed contains 232 time marks. And I see the duplicated time marks you mentioned.

Was Reach M2 connected directly to the camera hot shoe? Did you use a hot shoe cable from our store for it? Please send me a photo of your setup.

Here it is, I have disassembled it from the quadcopter, I use the original hot shoe without any change or modification, the camera is a sony alpha 6000.

Hi @Zaal,

Thank you! The connection to the camera hot shoe looks fine. But the cable from the camera hot shoe to the receiver seems tightly twisted. Let’s try to untwist it and record a test log with the devices outside your drone. You’ll need just to place Reach M2 with a GNSS antenna and camera in an area with a clear sky view, start logging, and take some pictures.

Please send me the recorded log. I’ll check if there are duplicated time marks in it.

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