Reach m2 base to Reach Rs+ rover

Hi. I have two reach rs+. I am using ntrip caster. But base station far away >10 Km. I want to buy reach m2. Can I use m2 base / reach rs rover? Thanks…

Pretty sure you can, but the system will work as single band like the RS+.

I would assume the same for the baselines. Would drop down to the RS+ max baseline, or you could PPK.


Up to 10 km (RS+)

Up to 60 km (M2)


Up to 20 km (RS+)

Up to 100 km (M2)

If you need multi-band capability, and as cheap as the M2’s are, might as well get (2) M2’s and assemble them for use and never look back at RS+? I.e. enclosures, external batteries, antennas. I’d go ahead and get the LoRa options too while at it.

Or just go the expensive RS2 route ready to go if you have the ca$h for those. We’ll, not expensive compared to other receivers by Trimble, Leica, etc.

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tallysman gps antenna work with m2?
I think no. this product L1 too?

If I install reach m2 at home and connect to the internet, over the emlid Ntrip caster.
can i use the reach RS Rover in the field with emlid ntrip caster.

Probably, but don’t expect the same capabilities of the M2 until you get another M2 (and helical antenna or better) or RS2.

You need the multi-band helical antenna (or better).

I’d add these LoRa radios also while you’re at it so you have the option when you need it if not going the RS2 route.
(need (2) base, rover).

Hi Umut,

It seems like we’ve been in touch over this in emails. Let me briefly repeat it here.

As Tim has pointed out, you can use the multi-band Reach M2 as a base for Reach RS+. However, you won’t get the benefits of working with a multi-band system this way.

As Reach RS+ is a single-band receiver, it can handle the L1 corrections only. It means that the baseline, time to first fix and the conditional requirements will stay the same in your setup:

  • baseline of 10 km in RTK and 30 km in PPK
  • a couple of minutes till first fix
  • the need of the open environment and a clear sky view

If you want to enlarge your baseline, you would need to use the multi-band systems for both base and rover, like Reach RS2 + Reach M2 or Reach M2 + Reach M2. You can read more about differences between a single-band and a multi-band system in our Single-band VS Multi-band guide.

Reach M2 is a multi-band receiver. You can check out Reach M+ if you’re looking for a single-band receiver.

All our receivers are capable of working with NTRIP casters. So this scheme would work. However, as I’ve mentioned before, this will not give you the advantages of a multi-band system.

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