Reach M2 as solo 1st GNSS for navigation in Edge/Navio2

Hello, is it possible and safe to use the M2/M+ as the only GNSS navigation source for Edge/Navio2?
I.e., my quad already have a M2 integrated as a second GNSS, in QGroundControl I have indications of number of satellites, for example, however the flight controller is using the default Edge GNSS module, and at the moment the M2 is used only to log camera trigger feedback that latter on is used for PPK. So, I would like to drop the extra weight of the default 1st GNSS, and use only the M2.

According to this documentation it seens to me that it is possible:

OBS: There is no need to have RTK solution for flight navigation, SINGLE solution without corrections is enough. However, the M2 must record raw logs for PPK.

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Hi Gabriel,

Sorry for keeping you uninformed this long!

We recommend using Reach M2 as a secondary GPS for safety reasons. However, it should be possible to work with Reach M2 only.

Please note that M2 in Single mode can provide you with the accuracy of several meters only. Also, we haven’t tested the setup of M2 used for the copter’s positioning and time marks recording. However, I don’t see any obvious reasons why it might not work.

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