Reach M2 as rover using AUSCORS NTRIP RTK correction PPP question

Anyone out there.
Writing from Australia. Using your Emlid Reach M2 unit as a rover with the AUSCORS NTRIP RTK correction.
I thought that this correction in Survey will provide the corrected sub 5 cm accuracy since I was used the NTRIP as a real time correction. The NTRIP station was less than 4 km away.
Now I am reading the posts here and realizing that this is still to be corrected in order to get the desired accuracy?

Just wondering can anyone help how to post process rover data collected using Emlid reach M2 with RTK using the NTRIP correction? I have saved my Survey points and exported in .csv format.
Do I need to now get some kind of correction files from the AUSCORS NTRIP provider and if so, How do i do it?
Also, which software to use it to post process?
Is there a service that I can simply use to post process the data with the sub cm accuracy?
Soonest reply would be appreciated! Perhaps someone from Australia.

Hi @zorzterzic,

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Reach M2 can get centimeter-accurate results both in RTK and PPK. However, you get one continuous log in PPK. So, if you need to collect separate points, it’s much easier to do it in RTK mode.

You can follow the workflow:

There is no need to additionally post-process the points you’ve collected in RTK.

Spasibo bolsoe Ksenia . That’s what I thought. Great, I can see I am getting high precision readings perhaps in a cm!!!
Another question just to confirm… The elevation I get from my M2 unit is the height above ellipsoid. In order to correct to Australian Height Datum, I need to apply the Geoid correction? Is this right? Also, can I export the corrected data via a serial using NMEA protocol using the M2 unit? Cheers. Zivko

That is correct.

To my knowledge NMEA outputs to elipsoid.

Hi @zorzterzic,

You can configure your project in AHD in our beta ReachView 3 app. ReachView 3 will take ellipsoidal heights from the NTRIP corrections and convert them to AHD.

As Christian said, NMEA messages contain ellipsoidal heights above WGS84 ellipsoid.

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