Reach M2 and Ronin MX or other Gimbal on DJI M600

I’m using the Reach M2 on my DJI M600 Pro with a Camera mounted on a Ronin MX Gimbal

I also use the Hotshoe to sync the Reach M2, and get goodish results for my PPK processing. I just feel I could get better results if the integrated IMU and Gimbal angles from the Ronin MX could be fed into the Reach M2 and then into the time stamp info. I use Pix4D which I’m pretty sure accepts the Gimbal angle/IMU integration information.

My question is the use of Gimbal angles/IMU info from the Ronin Mx and the like… Currently the only import is the HotShoe into the M2… should I be importing/syncing the Gimbal angles as well through another in-port?

I would have thought having Gimbal angles would have assisted with the Photogrammetry processing, and also scanning of buildings etc in order to generate point clouds.

I’m sure I’m not the only person looking for assistance in this respect, or am I just using the wrong Gimbal, or using it incorrectly.

Hi Peter,

Reach M2 doesn’t use IMU in calculations, so you can’t import the Gimbal angles to the receiver or our software to get a better result.

You can try to import the angles directly to Pix4D. However, photogrammetric software such as Pix4D can determine the orientation parameters with high precision during the processing. I believe centimeter-accurate coordinates should be enough to build an accurate map.

I think you will likely get a better answer from DJI, as they are the ones that can provide you with the angles from their IMU.

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