Reach M2 and OPUS

Hey, it’s been a while since I’ve visited this forum. I am using my M2 as a base station for my Rs2 and Rs2+ and would like to run the coodinates through OPUS. I am having a problem finding the Tallysman antenna that comes standard with the M2 in the OPUS antenna selection. Does anyone know how to find it or what the equivalent antenna would be? Thanks!

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There is no such option in OPUS. The Reach M2 antenna can be positioned differently relative to the module (and to the point you’re collecting). So it’s not a standard value.

I see 2 possible ways for you:

  • Leave the Antenna type and the Antenna offset fields empty when uploading the log to OPUS.

You’ll get the coordinates of the antenna phase center directly. So you’ll just need to enter them in the Base settings tab for Reach M2 and make sure that the Antenna offset is set to 0.

  • Leave the Antenna type empty, but enter the Antenna height.

Antenna height = 0.035 m (Reach M2 standard antenna offset) + height from the point on the ground to the bottom of the antenna. This will give you the coordinates of the point on the ground after processing. Make sure you set the same antenna height in the Base settings tab.

You could also consider using the Reach RS2+ instead. It’s a field-ready receiver, so it’s easier to set up as a base.


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I am also curious as to whether I should use another base station in my area to correct my m2 while collecting coordinates. or should I just leave it without the RTK correction? Thanks


Getting corrections from another base is an alternative way to set your Reach M2 as a base. But since you’re using OPUS, you don’t need it. Just enter the accurate coordinates of Reach M2 in the Base settings tab and configure the base output from it.

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