Reach M2 and Ardupilot Integration with Pixhawk Orange Cube

Hello together,
i wish to integrate my Reach M2 to Ardupilot and connect it to Pixhawk Orange Cube.
I found an guide here direct in the docs:
But this is the classic pixhawk flight controller.
Can anybody explain me, on which connector i must connect the serial cable?
Thank you very much!PixhawkOrangeCube
Additionally how can the M2 module be powered by an external power supply?
In the docs it´s recommended: “It’s recommended to supply Reach M2 from an external power source. Pixhawk may not provide enough power for Reach M2 in some cases.”
Which cable or pins to power it with separate power? How many volts?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi @rcdevil,

You can use the GPS2 port on your PixHawk and the S1port on the Reach M2.

Which cable or pins to power it with separate power? How many volts?

Reach M2 can be powered using one of the JST-GH ports (S1 or S2) or over micro-USB port. For operating, 5V is required.

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Thank you very much for your reply.
But which setting i must make into the mission planer, so i can properly configure the pixhawk orange cube to communicate with the reach M2?
Is there any documentation for this?

Hi Fred,

Sure, please check this part of the Ardupilot integration guide. It contains the parameters you should set up in the Mission Planner.

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