Reach M2 0MB size for UBX and Rinex data

after a flight with the UAV I’m trying to download the UBX and/or Rinex and it seems that all the data from that session is 0kb in size. Is there any backup I can find for the data?

I’ve logged in with FileZilla in an attempt to download and I get the same results as in Reach Panel.
In panel the size of the files are: UBX/LLH/rinex (the 0mb is the base correction)


In FileZilla:

I also noticed that the logs are smaller in size than before for some reason. Is there any reason for that?

Edit: In the .meta file I got this

{"id": "91376f7a-657f-4d62-8051-74e8a564db33", "name": "", "log_path": "/home/root/logs", "type": "solution", "format": "LLH", "start_time": 1673599985.817819, "recording_time": 3159.757818698883, "raw_size": 445560.0, "size": 65719.0}

but I cannot access root folder.


Hi Alex,

I believe we’ll find the solution, but the further investigation will require some sensitive info from you. Please contact us to, and we’ll figure it out.

Hi there,

The issue was related to unplugging the device from the power supply, which caused logs’ corrupting. If you come across something similar, please update the receiver to 30 firmware. We’ve fixed this issue in this release, so it should help avoid such cases in the future.