Reach M+ won't connect to computer/ only power light comes on

Hi. I’m brand new to working with Reach. I have tried to follow the docs. My antenna hasn’t arrived yet(maybe that could cause some trouble?). I don’t get a hot spot, I can only get the power light to come on when powered up. Reachview doesn’t pick it up on my iphone, and my 2 other computers don’t either. I talked to someone with some experience and he told me to flash it. I tried and think I made a mess of things. Now Zadig won’t recognize it when I plug it in or any other devices either. It says unable to access version data in the bottom corner where its supposed to tell you how many devices have been found. Can anyone help a newbie out here?


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Could you please elaborate on how exactly you power the unit?

Usb cable from a powered hub or directly from my computer

So both times through the USB ?



Have you already tried to power it using another USB cable?

When you tried to reflash it the first time, were you able to start firmware reflashing mode on Reach (all 3 LEDs are blinking in a sequence)?

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No I will see if I have another, thanks

No light blinking in sequence either

Switched cords and all lights up, Thanks very much


Glad to hear it helped!

There is still nothing picked up by reachview

What’s the LED status on Reach M+ now?

All 3 lights are on. My phone is recognizing it. Just have to find password for it

The password is emlidreach.

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I have done some experimenting with usb cords and am finding when ever I put a 15’ long cord in (like I was hoping too use) only the red light comes on. With the short one all the lights come on. Is this normal? If so how long of a cord will work? Also when the LoRa radio is plugged into M+ should it light up? It currently doesn’t.

You can go pretty far as long as you put the powered hub at the end of the extensions:

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to move the hub because I use other stuff in the cab of my tractor. We will figure something out. Thanks for the reply.

Another question that is quite basic is does the m+ communicate through the usb port as well as wirelessly? I think it does but not sure.

Well, if your USB hub is the kind with a special “Charge” port capable of higher amperage, then you might get it to work at 15 feet if you have a quality cable with bigger gauge wires.

edit: I think those extension cables are more designed for a low-power device like your mouse or keyboard or some device that has it’s own power supply, like certain external hard drives. It’s probably not intended that you run a small, powerful computer (Reach M+) at the end of one of those 15 foot long cables.

Sure, M+ can communicate through USB. The most common thing to do would be to output the position over USB.

Thanks for all the help. Things are starting to take shape here.

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