Reach m+ without antenna

This is a basic question. I have bought a M+ module, but it didn’t come with antenna. However the module does not work. Does this mean that I should buy the antenna separately? Why they sell separate?

It needs an antenna to work.

You can use different types based on what you are trying to accomplish, as long as the specifications match. I would just get the L1 tallysman right from emlid.

But the real fun starts if you have two of them and can use one as base for rtk.


I use both of my M2’s as a static baseline. I used two points my brother established by RTK the other week and the horizontal distance and vertical distance checked less than 0.04’. I located a small branch that was a boundary line of a 209-acre tract using my Javad T2 with the Victor LS controller for about 1,000 ft. I usually use the RTN but cell coverage sucked going in and out. I PP the Javad rover with the M2’s and accuracy was approximately 0.5 ‘. I occupied each location point 10 minutes. The branch was about 6’ wide and I saw many legless reptiles !!! It took about 2 hours to locate the branch.

The accuracy of the points was sufficient for a branch. Baseline lengths were < 2000’

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