Reach M+ with pixhawk 2

Hello, greetings from Northern California. A lot of home time these days. I have a small RC Boat and I have the Reach M+ and a pixhawk 2. I purchased the optional pixhawk 2 jst cable with the M+

If anyone else has done a similar setup , please share any setup things I’m missing. I will go out again tomorrow, I made a few mission planner tweaks I saw in a Emlid setup guide.

  1. I have the JST cable going from the S1 port to the GPS2 on the Pixhawk2 , This does not seem to be enough to power the M+. Only the red like comes on for a bit, then it goes off. When powered with the micro USB it works fine. That i can work around, but it would be nice not using the USB.

  2. Antenna in plugged in

  3. Sateliites and position is good in the app

  4. Mission planner, no gps

I did more testing today. The M+ seems to be working great 22 satellites on its own. When I plug the jst from S1 port into the pixhawk 2 GPS 2 port , I lose all satellites and position in the app. Also I I tried to put it in the telem2 plug , same thing all satellites lost in app. The telem 2 port did have enough juice to power the M+ so that’s interesting.

Has anyone used the M+ in the pixhawk2 ? Any help would be great

Hi @bathylogger,

PixHawk may not provide enough power for Reach M+. Reach M+ device requires a stable power source to operate properly. That’s why our general recommendation is to provide Reach M+ with an additional power source while integrating with PixHawk.

I have been powering the M+ with the USB and battery separate. On its own it seems to work great. When I plug in the optional jst cable for the pixhawk2 from S1 to GPS2 I lose everything. position stops showing in the app.

Update: I’m sure at one point others will be doing this.

  1. The M+ needs to be powered from the USB dont bother trying to power from the pixhawk2 plugs like GPS2 or Telem. I will buy a 6" male to male micro usb and power the M+ from the cube micro usb slot.

  2. I used the optional jst wire sold by Emlid for the pixhawk2. It goes from the S1 port to the GPS2 port on the pix hawk. Since they dont want the M+ powered twice, I pulled all wires except RX and TX .

  3. My boat shape is at least showing in mission planner , its hopping around, I hope to get .5 - 1 meter stand alone accuracy, thats all i need to follow survey lines. I’ll do more testing and play around with some settings.


Hi @bathylogger,

Keep us posted regarding your tests!