Reach m+ with ardupilot integration problem

i have reach m+ and reach rs+ survey kit. i need to connect with pixawk 2cube black.
i was connected m+ to pixhawk telemetry 2 only tx,rx,gnd
base connected throught tcp it will be connected to missionplaner but rover rach m+ not connecting to pixawk
its not showing rtl fix or flot

and also my rover reach m+ only showing m+ satilite not showing base satilite

i want the sollusion pl iwas structed last 5 day still i didnt get the sollusion

pl give me a sollusion any way mail, skype,facebook,whatsapp


i did all connection with pixhawk And m+ In rtk uses Asper emlid documents But m+ and base not connected And first of all pixhawk and m+ not connected Like this connection I made

Hi @s.tamilazhagan95,

May I ask you to share your hardware setup photos so we can make sure everything is connected properly?

sorry i did not seen ur reply thank you for reply and now i solve the problem 70 percentage now my reach m+ communicate with autopilote , but when am doing gps_inject it make base correction with autopilot gps not with reach m+ gps am using pixhawk cube blace new arduplane v4.1 and stable 3.9.11

  1. but if i connected with pixhawk 2.4.8 in same firmwear it will be working

  2. if i connected with pixhawk cube black only first gps correction working

Hi Tamil,

If I get you correctly, do you have M+ as a rover and another unit as a base? What device do you use as a base?
Also, could I ask you to share a screenshot of your base settings?

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