Reach M+ wiring with Foxtech A7R

I am trying to set up a Foxtech A7R camera (modified Sony A7R) with Reach M+ for PPK.

A diagram of the camera wiring harness is below.

I am powering the Reach M+ through S1 pins 1 and 6.
I would like to know how to connect the hot shoe wires to the Reach.

My understanding is that I should connect the camera white wire (labelled 4. Hot Shoe PPK) to Reach C1 pin 2, and the trigger ground wire (3. Green Cable: GND) to Reach C1 pin 1.

If someone can confirm this or tell me why I’m wrong I would be most grateful- I don’t want to damage my Reach!

Hi @AeroScan,

You’re right, you need Reach C1 port. You should connect:

  • Reach M+ Time mark pin (2) to camera hot shoe wire (white);
  • Reach GND pin (1) to any camera GND wire.

Hi Tatiana,

Thanks for that information.
For anyone using this particular camera I can confirm that white wire (hot-shoe shutter signal) and green wire from trigger circuit (GND) work correctly with Reach M+ C1 pins as described above.


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